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Five Ways to Make Money On The Internet Easily in 2023

Five Ways to Make Money On The Internet Easily in 2021

Hello Buddy Internet.

In this article I want to share tips and tricks. How to make money from the internet, 2023. Are you looking for side income or extra onlline on the internet? Or do you want to move on to a job in the onlline world? Calm down buddy. There are many ways...

Well, you can read this article, because this article discusses how to earn money easily!, it must be easy dong.. uh uh, but you also have to have a kouta, cell phone, or computer. You can earn money from social media, bloggers, contests, and other platforms.

How to Make Money From a Blog

How to make money from a blog, you just make the article as unique as possible and certainly the article you make does not peel from other blogs. Because of what? Later, you will register your blog to Google Adsense.

Adsense is a free way to earn income easily. Usually, blogs that have been accepted adsense. Then, your blog will appear ads. Of course, your blog will make you money.

As for other platforms that can make money, for free. However, it takes a struggle.

1. Create Blog Services and Services

This method is very simple, because you can simply make a service or service that you can. For example, you open a blog creation service, well. You can simply make the blog until it becomes a premium blog, What is a premium blog? This blog is usually created directly by the one who makes the service, of course. Every blog creation must have various types of packages, Package A, Package B, and so on. In this type of package, it's definitely different. Plan A, for example, uses the blogspot domain. Plan B uses a Domain (TLD) Top Level Domain. Of course, the price is also different.

2. Selling Blogger Templates

You can do it this way, if you can talk. If you manage to create a blogger template that is cool, unique and SEO friendly. Of course, the template that you make will sell and be widely used.  Like the template created by mas sugeng and so on.

3. Become a Content Writer

This method is very easy, but not too easy, buddy. Of course, every time there is something easy, there is also difficulty. Well, you can be a content writer. You can open an seo article writing service. Usually, in 300 words it's 7,000. Well, you can be a Content Writer, but in article creation should not copas from other blogs. Because, the article that you sell later. Will it get plagiarism, if this all happens? Of course, the services you make will not be famous and will not sell.

4. Become a YouTuber

Being a YouTuber is easy, but there are difficulties. Why? If not the intention to run to become a YouTuber. Sure, it would be useless. You have to be passionate about being a YouTuber. Never dream about adsense, focus on your video content first. Because, if you have thought about adsense then on the road of course you will think with money money. And finally you will give up, because you can not run it until the requirements of becoming a YouTuber. Effect, I think it's money anyway! So focus first on the content that you create yes.

5. Become a Graphic Designer

For those of you who have the ability to design something or often use photoshop software and illustrators. Of course, you can become a designer or work in a company that opens vacancies in the field of graphic designers. Sure, you can join.

Well, you can also sell your work, to social media or to other platforms.


          Never complain at work, your ability can definitely make a source of income both the main and side. If, you complain. Your fight will be in vain.

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