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How To Quickly Get Accepted By Google News

Google News Terms: In this article I will discuss about the Terms that we must know! About Google News. Why am I talking about Google News? Because, Google News has many benefits for websites / blogs.

Everyone who has a website/ blog certainly wants traffic. Well, for those of you whose website / blog does not have traffic can directly register your Webiste / Blog on Google News.

But..... Not so easy looo, Register Website / Blog to Google News. Because, Google News will review / Review the Website / Blog that we register.

Google News can also help to find organic traffic, organic traffic can also come directly from Google Search. However, Google News can too.

What is Google News?

How to quickly get accepted by Google News

Google News is a news site service managed by Google. Usually Google collects various articles from different sources. Once collected, the articles will be presented to its users.

Every day Google can collect 4000+ articles in various categories. Such as Technology, News, Education and so on.

The advantages and disadvantages of Google News:

Advantages of Google News:

·        Google's Quick Indexed Articles

          If you are a beginner blogger, google news is perfect for speeding up the indexing process on your blog articles. When you create an article and post it on a blog, we just wait 20 minutes or 4 minutes, usually already indexed google.

·        Getting Organic Traffic

          Are you guys needing organic traffic? Organic traffic usually comes from google search engine, bing or yahoo. To get organic traffic is really easy, you can simply create as many articles as possible. But don't make the article stale...

One way to get organic traffic other than search engines is to register a website / blog to Google News.

·        Improving Seo

          Seo is usually influenced by many things. However, if you register a webiste / blog to google news can increase the added value of SEO.

Because in google news has a Search feature, Search Result also has a special column for Google News itself. If your Webiste/Blog can occupy the earliest position of course, people will click on your article.

Disadvantages of Google News:

·        Hard to Accept

          Google News will usually review or review our Website / Blog, the longest time is 5 days more.

Therefore, you must pay close attention to the requirements of Google News.

·        Articles have a lot to do.

            Of course, articles that are on our Website / Blog will affect google news, because google news when reviewing or reviewing will also see how many articles we make. However, usually everyone is different.  Sometimes you have 5 articles that are accepted by Google News.

You should create more than 5 articles.

·        Playing And Ageing for bloggers

          Well, your website / blog is already playing and what age is not yet? If not, please install your TLD domain (Top Level Domain). Because, this TLD Domain is considered by google news (That Website / Blog Is Active, Because of Paid Domain).

While the Age of the Website / Blog also affects the registration of Google News Loo... I recommend that those of you who want to register, must pay attention to the age factor of the Website / Blog. Usually the age of websites / blogs that are quickly received is 1 week - 2 weeks old that has been registered webmaster tools and has been indexed by Google.

Four Requirements of Google News, Before Signing Up to Be Accepted Quickly

Four Conditions that you must know, before registering your Website / blog to Google News.

1. Website/Blog Already Playing

Why did I mention having to play? Because, google news prefers websites / blogs that have played, such as com, net, xyz, my.id and so on.

Websites / blogs that have played will definitely speed up the review / review process. You can buy TLD (Top Level Domain) domains in Indonesia such as Niagahoster, DomaiNesia and so on.

2. Lightweight Template

Google News prefers a website template that is light and easy to read by its users, if the template is very heavy it even takes 3-4 minutes when opening it. Most likely, visitors will leave. Well, therefore make sure the template you use is a lightweight template.

You can also buy trusted Webiste / Blog templates such as templates sold by mas sugeng.

3. Articles Have Benefits

Well, in the article you have to make an article that certainly has benefits, do not make articles that are already stale.

4. Website/Blog Is One to Two Weeks Old

On websites / blogs that are one to two weeks old and have been registered webmaster tools and have indexed google. So, most likely your website / blog is accepted by Google News.

All right, In The Discussion About Google News, As well as the Terms -Terms that I wrote in this article. I've proven or practiced it before and been accepted by google news.

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