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Four Secret Tips To Quickly Get Adsense Accepted Bloggers

Many messages received by the admin placelearn.com that some people ask about google adsense. How the hell, so that the blog quickly accepted GA (Google Adsense). Alright, because there are indeed a lot of websites/blogs rejected by GA (Google Adsense), and of course you will get information on every account that has been registered. Therefore, placelearn.com will explain 4 Secret Tips to Be Quickly accepted by GA (Google Adsense).

GA (Google Adsense) is an advertising service that can make money. However, everyone who wants to join Google Adsense also has to struggle, starting from rejection, writing, themes and so on.

However, before you register. It would be nice, you guys read the 4 Secret Tips that I review in this article.

Four Secret Tips To Quickly Get Adsense Accepted Bloggers

4 Secret Tips To Get Your Blog Accepted By Google Adsense

As for the things you have to do so that your blog is quickly accepted by Google Adsense.

1. Focus on Templates.

The use of templates must also be considered, starting from navigation, URLs, and so on. Make sure there are no dead links like #. And also pay attention to Navigation, point each menu to the article category, for example the Adsense Menu -> link to the adsense label. Remember, don't let there be dead links.

2. Focus on Articles

Creating articles is important in the world of bloggers, so that the blogs that we create look active. However, in making articles, you must also pay attention to linguistic rules. And make sure the articles you make are useful and have important points for other people.

3. Create About Page, Privacy Policy, Sitemap And Disclaimer

Pages Like About, Privacy Policy, Sitemap And Disclaimer

Also important for blogs that want to be registered with google adsense.

If your blog does not have a page, then Google Adsense does not hesitate to reject your blog, make sure you have created the page as above

You can make it here Generator Privacy Policy

4. Already Registered Webmaster Tools

These webmaster tools function as the process of indexing blogs and articles on blogs. however, you have to register your Website/Blog to Webmaster tools first. Usually for new blogs it takes more than 4 days for the index process.

You have to wait a few days for article indexing, and then you can register for Google Adsense.

For the age of the blog is not too influential in registration to Google Adsense. Usually 1 week can also be registered with GA.

Never give up, if you are rejected, keep updating the article and changing the template you are using, and re-registering ... until you receive google adsense.

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