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How to Enable Blogger Search Descriptions

In this tutorial I will give you tips and tricks, how to enable Blogger search descriptions and I will explain the function of search descriptions with examples.

Enabling Blogger search description is very important, because it can increase CTR and Seo.

The function of the blogger search description is to inform visitors that what they are looking for can be found, so that visitors can see an overview, whether the page they are looking for contains what they need or not.

For example in the image below, I have boxed the red line. And there appears a short description at the bottom of the title.


Search Descriptions

How to Enable Search Descriptions On Blogger

1. Go to blogger page

2. When you are logged in, of course you will go to the main page, namely the blogger dashboard. And please click on the "Settings" menu. and look for the Meta Tags menu, please activate it.

Settings Search Descriptions

3. The next step, please make 1 post and look to the right, there is a search description menu.

this picture as an example, that the description has been successfully activated

4. If it appears, it means that you can make a post as well as provide a brief description of the article.

Well, quite easy isn't it. blogger friends can follow it step by step above.

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