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How To Get Google Indexed Articles

How To Get Google Indexed Articles

For those of you who have a blog, of course you want to dong the article quickly indexed google. Ohiya, I've previously discussed how to register google webmaster so that our blog is indexed google, however. For beginner bloggers must be very long indexed. Relax, here I will give you tips and tricks. So, your site or blogger is quickly indexed google.

What is Google Index

Google index is an official site created by Google to make it easier for its users to search for information and pages of the Site. Well, the information data on the site will be crawled and indexed by Google and stored in the database.

Here's How to Speed Up your site or blogger indexed by Google:

1. Register your site or blogger for Google Search Console

Well, this step is very important in accelerating the index. Google Search Console (GSC) is a useful google tool for monitoring the performance of your site and blogger.

You simply enter the sitemap.xml to the sitemap, and wait a few minutes or hours to process indexing. If there is an error in (GSC) immediately you fix it. Such as error 404, Soft 404 Error, Server Error etc. In order, do not delay - nunda index process.

2. Register your site or blogger for Google news

This way is great for beginner bloggers, like me. Register your site or blogger to google news to speed up the indexing process.  I've tried this way, work 100%.  When I registered it to google news article that was on my blogger 1 minute indexed.

You can register your site or blogger to google news through the link: https://publishercenter.google.com this.

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