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How to Log Out Gmail on OPPO Mobile

How to Log Out Gmail on OPPO Mobile

How to Log Out Gmail on OPPO Mobile, Gmail is an email service owned by Google. Gmail can be used on mobile phones, computers and other devices. Gmail is used to send mail over the network. Such as file attachments, photos, and the like.

The more sophisticated the technology, there must also be users who do not understand how to use and remove a Gmail account. Relax, in this article I will discuss How to Log Out Gmail on OPPO Mobile.

How to Log Out Gmail on OPPO Mobile

Note: In this tutorial I use an image in Indonesian


1. Open Settings on your Oppo cellphone, then look for the "Account and Sync" menu.


2. After you have found the menu, please click on it. And Will Appear Sync Data. There is Google, Whatsapp, and Telegram. If you don't have the Telegram and WhatsApp apps, they won't appear. All that appears is Google.


3. The next step, you click on one of the gmail accounts on your OPPO cellphone, the example looks like the picture below, I have 3 gmail accounts on my cellphone.


4. If it has been clicked, then you can delete the Gmail account on your OPPO cellphone, by clicking on the "Delete Account" Bottom Menu. And automatically the gmail account will be deleted from your Oppo cellphone, it doesn't mean deleting the account.


Alright, here's my explanation about How to Logout Gmail on OPPO Mobile. Hopefully this article is useful.

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