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How To Create A Blog And Start It, To Become A Successful Blogger

How To Create A Blog And Start It, To Become A Successful Blogger


Actually, everyone can become a successful blogger, as long as there is an intention and purpose. But, for those of you who just want to dive into the world of bloggers, then you must be ready to do things about bloggers. Of course, you have to learn a lot about bloggers, if you want to really dive into the world of bloggers.

The internet does have a lot of information about bloggers. However, this can all be reference material for beginner bloggers. However, some beginner bloggers still have a sense of insecurity, thus making themselves confused. Until, many of the beginner bloggers choose to give up and stop blogging.

Here I will give 2 facts before starting the blog:

1. If you want to create a blog, it's easy.

2. But, so that the blog is successful, it is not easy.

Maybe, you are interested in becoming a blogger because you see the results of other people, starting from their income and so on. Oops this is so wrong!.

To Become a blogger. So, what are your intentions and goals for entering the world of bloggers, not to see the results of other people's income. If your goal and intention is just to make money, then I'm sure. You failed to become a blogger.

Why Fail? Because, your intentions and goals are clear. That what you are after is money - money - money - money, now from this intention and purpose it is clear that you will surely fail in the middle of the journey.

Many of the bloggers fail in the first 1 month to 2 months .... so, only a few bloggers can become successful.

Why is that? Yes, it's not from the intention and purpose to jump into the world of bloggers. However, ideas, topics, niches, etc. are also used in the world of bloggers, if you only make bloggers, don't specify topics, what will be discussed, what will be issued. If all this is just random. So, this is just in vain and doomed to fail. And when the blog is quiet, it will likely stop on the road.

Please take a cup of coffee, or a nice drink. We'll start right away.

Tips to start blogging for beginners:

If your goal is only to think about money and money, and don't think about anything else in blogging, then you will be in vain. I've explained it in the section above.

Is it true that bloggers can make money?

True, but later if you really understand about blogger. So, the blogger you create can make money. Here's how to become a successful blogger:

1. Determine the topic and purpose.

It's possible, you may think this is trivial. But, this topic is an important thing in preparation to start blogging. Are you the goal of the blog just a hobby or want to make money?

With this goal, I'm sure you will never be consistent in running blogging. Because, all you have in mind is money. Try to have a good goal and be useful for many people, for example My blogging goal is to provide knowledge that I can and share for free, now from this goal it is clear. That you can be consistent in blogging.

Next, for the topic you can determine yourself. Because the topic is the core of writing your blog niche, for example the topic of computer / cellphone product reviews, beauty tips and many more topics that you can take for your blog.

Do not pick a topic at random, because it can make you confused in the days to come.

2. Create a blog and use a good template.

There are 2 platforms for creating bloggers, namely WordPress and Blogger. Here I suggest for beginner bloggers, must use blogger. According to the Bugdet in your wallet. If you have a lot of bugdet you can use Wordpress.

Blogger is held by Google, meaning you are riding on blogger, if you have full control over your blog, because there is no third party wordpress. Mostly just hosting. But, if using wordpress requires a lot of bugdet. So, the only advice for beginner bloggers should be to use blogger.com.

Well, if you use blogger. So, you have to prepare a good template and good Performance. You don't need to be confused to find the template, you can buy it or look for it on the internet for free.

3. Learn to Write Articles

Following this, you must learn to write good and unique articles. From this you should learn about keyword research.

Why should you learn to write articles?

Yes, because you have a lot to look for, not just writing articles. However, looking for titles is also what you do, this must use research so that what visitors are looking for can get him. In fact, if the article you create can be page one, it will be possible for your article to be read by visitors.

4. Define the domain name

Domains are important for bloggers, so they are easy for visitors to find and easy to remember.

You can buy a domain and install it on blogger, but you must determine your domain name, by adjusting it to the topic to be discussed. However, the domain name should not be too long, so that it is easy to remember.

5. Learn to Promote Content

This must be done, because the content you create will not be read by visitors if the content is not unique and does not exactly what they are looking for, therefore this promotion is to help find visitors to read the content that we create.

The goal, yes, so that many people read the content.

There are 2 ways to promote content, namely online and offline, if offline you can include the name of your blog in various brochures, while online using various kinds of social media, such as facebook, whatsapp, ig, and so on.

6. Learn Seo

Seo is a way that you have to do for the content you want to create, so that the content you create is quality and easy to find.

Why should SEO?

By using seo techniques, there will be a possibility that the content you create is easily searchable by visitors and will be read. Meanwhile, if you use seo techniques, you will be confused if no visitors come, because on the internet it is not only our content that will be displayed. There must be a lot, therefore if this seo technique is applied. So, your content can be page one.

7. Learn to Use Webmaster Tools

Why should you study? Because, this webmaster tool is a tool to help you index your content or blog, if you don't get it to Google or other Webmaster tools, there will be a possibility that your blog and content will not be found in search engines.

8. Learn How To Make Money On The Internet

Well, for those of you who have many visitors and have unique and quality articles that are not duplicate content, then your blog is ready to make money by registering to advertising platforms, for example like Google Adsense, adsterra and so on.

Why do you have to have multiple endings? Because, if your blog has no end, it will be useless to advertise, and certainly will not make money.

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