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How to Disable Windows Update in Windows 10

For those of you who use Windows 10, of course, you are very uncomfortable with the presence of automatic updates, right? Usually this automatic update makes our computer or laptop more secure. However, some people think that the presence of automatic updates is a little annoying.

This does make Windows 10 users feel uncomfortable, because there is an automatic update in Windows 10. For example, when using the internet from a cellphone, the quota will run out quickly.

However, this feature also delays the shutdown or restart process to apply the update.

However, to overcome this, then you must disable windows updates, follow these steps:

How to Disable Windows 10 Update:

How to Disable Windows Update:

1. Please press on the keyboard: WIN + R.

2. If it has been done, then you enter Services.msc then Enter.

3. After Entering, a service(local) page will appear.

4. The next step, you have to look for the Windows Update service. The method is quite easy, just press W on your keyboard.

5. When you can, then click the Service, then you click on the STOP section, and change the Startup type to disable. Then please click START.

6. Well, if you've done all of this from 1 to 5. So, you just have to restart your computer/laptop and the windows update will automatically not reappear.

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