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Two Tips! How to Update Windows 11 Drivers

Placelearn - How to Update Drivers on Windows 11. Although now there are still many people who use Windows 7, 8, 10 and only some of them use Windows 11 or upgrade it. No wonder many Windows 7,8,10 users are still looking for ways to update drivers on windows 11. here is a simple and easy way to update drivers.

Windows 11 already recommends an auto updater driver, therefore for those of you who use Windows 7, 8, 10, you must be surprised, why does that happen? Of course, Windows 11 is designed to simplify and beautify the design of icons, fonts, and even features. Well, in Windows 10 there is no automatic driver update feature, right? Not of course, the presence of Windows 11 is already a lot of people waiting but can't immediately migrate from Windows 10 to 11, because some computer specifications sometimes don't support Windows 11.

Remember! Windows 11 is free, you can download it on the official Microsoft website. What are you waiting for? hurry up and upgrade your windows. following below how to update windows 11 drivers:

How to Update Drivers in Windows 11

For Windows 7, 8, 10 users, you can follow one of the ways below:

Updating Through Features

First: Press the windows icon on your keyboard.
Second: Type "Check For Updates", then select "Advanced Options" and open "Optional Updates".
Third: Please check the driver list that appears there, then just click "Downloads".

Info: If there is no driver update list, just wait. Usually when you finish installing Windows 11, the drivers recommended by Windows 11 will automatically appear, so you just need to download the necessary drivers.

Updating Via Local

First: Press the windows icon on your keyboard
Second: Type "Device Manager (Control Panel)", and please look for drivers that have not been upgraded or have not been updated.
Third: Click the driver that has not been up, then "Click Right Mouse" and select "Update Driver" -> "Search automatically for drivers".

Info: For those of you who experience errors when using this second tip, I suggest using the recommended first tip, because this second tip uses a local search driver on your computer.

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